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Ethernet over Fiber Service Providers | EoF Internet Price Quotes

5 Reasons to Opt for Ethernet Over Fiber Internet Instead of Copper

If you’re doing your telecommunications homework, you’ve probably seen some great things written about Ethernet over fiber internet AND Ethernet over copper.

But here’s why it’s in your best interest to opt for fiber: 

1.  You’ll get more Bandwidth

Got a big company?  Need a ton of bandwidth for your day-to-day projects?  You can get a near-endless supply of bandwidth when you sign up for Ethernet over fiber internet.  In fact, some providers are starting to offer up to 10 Gbps!

Even if you can’t find a provider in your area that’s offering quite that much, you should have no trouble signing up for 1 Gbps – which still blows copper out of the water!

2.  You’ll spend less money on maintenance

If you’re stuck on the higher setup fiber fees, don’t be.  Once you get up and running, your Ethernet over fiber internet service can actually cost less to maintain than its copper cousin.

How is that possible?

Fiber cable is a cheaper material than copper cable is.  So, if something goes wrong and you need to replace a portion of your copper line, you’re going to wind up spending a pretty penny.  That’s a big expense you won’t have when you opt for fiber.

3.  You’ll be able to spot intruders easier

Copper providers do a good job of keeping watch over your connection.  However, Ethernet over fibre internet technology makes the entire process a whole lot easier.


When someone taps a fiber line, light starts to leak out (after all, the term “fiber optics” is more than just a name!).  As a result, your fiber provider will be able to spot intruders immediately – meaning it will be much easier to keep your connection safe and secure.

4.  You’ll be able to cover greater distances

In today’s world, you don’t always conduct business right around the corner.  Luckily, Ethernet over fiber internet doesn’t lose any quality in the transmission – no matter how far the signal needs to travel.   That’s because it doesn’t need as much boosting as cable does.

One other big benefit to having fiber?  It doesn’t fall victim to interference like copper does.  In fact, the longer your copper line is, the more likely it is to suffer some kind of interference. 

5.  You’ll get to save yourself the hassle of upgrading later

As nice as a copper connection can be, fiber is the wave of the future.  Every day, more and more providers switch over to it.  So, eventually, you will have to make the switch yourself.  That means paying to upgrade all of your technology – not to mention putting in the time to actually make the upgrade.

So, if you’re just starting the fiber vs. copper debate now, you might as well go with fiber.  That way, you won’t have to worry about upgrading for a long, long time!

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